In Baseball Legends 2, you are the manager of a fantasy baseball team and have to lead your players to the ultimate goal: win the Baseball cup!

With Baseball Legends: 

  • Get the best from your players. Train your rookies, take care of your stars, and help your ace to be the season MVP. You'll see the results of your hard work throughout the seasons
  • Follow the scoreboard, rankings, and reactions from the fans, Baseball Legends reporters and players
  • Draft and train your rookies through the season, or send regular players to camp for extra workouts

Create your baseball team, your all-star player, and start to coach using your style and strategies. Adapt your lineup for each game to face every team. Focus on training your pitchers if you would like a better defense, or work more with your batters to earn extra points!

Train your players, from all-stars to rookies, it's your job to find the ones who have the potential to become legendary baseball stars.

If you like baseball, you'll love Baseball Legends Manager!

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